SHOCKING: Girl 'saw' Dolphy, Michael Jackson, other dead celebrities in hell

Viral video features a girl who claimed that during a 33-hour sleep she saw Dolphy, Michael Jackson, and other dead celebrities in hell.

The girl said she dreamt of going to heaven and hell. In her deep sleep, she first went to hell and saw some celebrities and actors doing things like when they were still alive.

According to her, she spotted Dolphy, Pope John Paul II, Michael Jackson, and other famous celebrities who already passed away. They were asking for help and told her she should not be in hell.

Teary-eyed, the girl said she also saw her father being surrounded by 3 demons. Her father told her she doesn't belong there and should go back to Earth to tell people to serve God and be good at all times as their situation in hell is so hard.

The souls suffering the inferno were asking for water, she said.

The girl said that while her father was talking, a mysterious hand suddenly grabbed her and brought her to heaven. After entering a very large door, she saw the wife of a pastor raising her hands while praying, praising Jesus.

She saw a garden full of flowers swaying as hillsongs were being played. According to her, the souls in heaven were walking on a ground filled with gold.

Watch the video here:

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