Duterte rides motorbike to check traffic situation in Muntinlupa

Wearing a helmet, President Rodrigo Duterte drove his motorbike to roam around Muntinlupa to check the city's traffic situation.

This was bared in a post earlier today by the Du34s/Duterte Force Facebook page which reads:

President Duterte rode his motorcycle with a helmet around Muntinlupa to inspect the traffic situation. He saw that there were a lot of vendors causing the traffic in Muntinlupa market.

So he rode his motorcycle straight to the office of [Mayor Jaime] Fresnedi and the guard at the Mayors office didn't allow him to enter because he had his helmet on. When he took off his helmet, all his bodyguards started to surround him and Mayor Fresnedi immediately stepped out of his office to welcome Digong. Digong told Fresnedi he wanted all the vendors out of the streets and inside the market selling area.

And so for the last few days, no traffic and extremely peaceful to walk around the market area.

Change is possible, fast and effective under Duterte!

Indeed, the city government of Muntinlupa conducted a clearing operation in the market area.

Here's a photo before Duterte went to Muntinlupa followed by another picture after the President's surprise visit.

Before Duterte's visit

After Duterte's visit (Photo from John Paul Ampongan)

However, the LGU of Muntinlupa debunked the claim. Public Information Officer Tez Navarro told GMA News that the viral Facebook post was not true.