Daughter hatches brilliant idea to persuade dad to quit smoking

It's hard to convince a smoker to stop the vice, right? But one daughter hatched a brilliant idea to persuade her dad to quit smoking.

Star Magic talent Shauna Hillary, who lives in Santa Maria, Bulacan based on her profile, maximized Facebook to positively influence her father's decision to stop smoking for good.

She messaged her Daddy and asked him to give three sets of random numbers in thousands. Without any doubt (and clue), the father willingly replied with the numbers 92,418; 15,924; and 69,240 and asked if the figures suffice.

Shaun said yes and texted back with a proposal: She will post screenshots of their conversation on Facebook and if it reaches 92,418 likes, 15,924 comments, and 69,240 shares, he shall quit smoking.

Daddy agreed, giving the deal a green light.

Indeed, Shauna Hillary posted the screenshots and sought help from her Facebook friends and followers on Sunday, July 10, saying: "92,418 likes, 15,924 comments, 69,240 shares. Help!!! Pleaseeeee."

The response was overwhelming. Her post already got nearly 160,000 likes, over 36,000 comments, and 41,400 shares, which means it still needs to be shared 28,000 times more to seal the deal.

If you want to help Shaun in persuading her dad to quit smoking, head over to Facebook and share her post.