SHOCKING: Carabao disrupts 2016 Subanen Festival in Ozamiz

Spectators were in festive mood during the celebration of the 2016 Subanen Festival in Ozamiz City...until a carabao did something shocking.

Subanen refers to the indigenous peoples living in Mount Malindang in Misamis Occidental and the Zamboanga Peninsula. According to The Standard, the festival also marks the observance of the Feast of the Birhen sa Cota, the city's patron saint.

On Sunday, the Mindanaoan Broadcasting Channel Facebook page posted a video taken during the street dancing competition on July 16 and reported that a water buffalo, which was part of La Salle University's props for a presentation depicting courtship, had gone wild.

The handler wasn't able to control the domesticated animal as it attacked the crowd—hurting men, women and children with its sickle-shaped horns—leaving police officers with no other choice but to shoot it dead, the report said.


As of this posting, information as to the number of injured persons and whether or not a victim died remains scarce.

Why did the carabao go berserk? Was it hungry or afraid of people? What do yo think?