Woman gets possessed by demon while watching 'The Conjuring 2'

A creepy video showing an unidentified woman who was allegedly possessed by a demon while watching 'The Conjuring 2' movie has gone viral.

The supernatural horror film directed by James Wan is the sequel to the 2013 film 'The Conjuring', with Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga reprising their roles as paranormal investigators and authors Ed and Lorraine Warren.

The film follows the Warrens as they travel to the United Kingdom to assist the Hodgson family, who are experiencing poltergeist activity at their Enfield council house in 1977, reads an entry on Wikipedia.

Coconuts Jakarta reported that moviegoers attempted to expel the evil spirit from the woman's body through prayers. The site translated a post by Indonesian blogger Males Banget regarding the incident.

"I was watching the movie when all of a sudden somebody screamed after being possessed. It was so scary, the whole theater [of people] ended up not watching the movie and the one who was possessed was escorted out of the theater."

"Not only that, there was a 'The Conjuring 2'-related ghostly happening in Jakarta as well. This viral social media post supposedly shows a mysterious kuntilanak-like figure photobombing a happy group of moviegoers as they were about to watch ‘The Conjuring 2’ in South Jakarta’s One Belpark mall."

The video of the woman, who was screaming inside the cinema with a strange voice that seems coming from hell, has amassed over 1.9 million views, 51,000 shares and 7,000 Facebook likes and reactions as of 9 p.m. Thursday.

Many said the demon possession is scary and that they won't be able to sleep at night if they saw it themselves. However, there were some who cast a doubt over what happened saying it could just all be a marketing ploy.

What do you think? Will you be watching 'The Conjuring 2' after hearing that strange voice of the possessed woman in the video?