VIRAL STORY: Having two wives puts man behind bars

Instead of fondling his new love, a man is now rubbing the steel bars of his detention cell and might spend years in jail for having two wives.

According to a report published on a news website, the 54-year-old Filipino married his first wife in Anao, Tarlac in 1983.

After over a year of being together as a married couple, the husband had to leave home to find work and landed a job in Quezon Province.

Due to unknown reasons, the man apparently lost communication with his spouse.

After several years, he decided to exchange marital vows with another woman and settled for the second time even though it was not clear whether his first wife was already dead or still alive.

It was in 2015 when the first wife discovered that her other half has a 'number two'.

The man with two wives has been charged with bigamy which is defined in legal terms as "the criminal offense of willfully and knowingly contracting a second marriage (or going through the form of a second marriage) while the first marriage, to the knowledge of the offender is still subsisting and undissolved."