SCANDAL: Video captures couple having oral sex on amusement ride

Performing oral sex on an amusement ride is probably one of the 'relationship goals' of the adventurous couple in this scandalous video.

The 8-second clip, which was posted Sunday on Facebook, features a man and a woman doing public sexual exhibition while riding what netizens called a "penis wheel."

Some viewers however said that the woman was just vomiting after she got dizzy while taking the ride. Of course, they were actually joking.

Details as to when and where the lewd scene took place remain unknown and the persons involved have not been identified.

As of 6 p.m. Monday, the viral video already got more than 126,000 views and was shared over 1,500 times on the social networking site.

Many are wondering why some couples still try to be exhibitionists despite the fact that everything that happens these days can easily be captured on smartphone cameras.

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