Sandawa Scandal: Young woman refutes viral sex video

"Not me," said a young woman who denied involvement in a sex video dubbed by netizens as "Sandawa Scandal" that went viral on Facebook.

The reported three-part clip was titled after Sandawa Road, one of the major business districts in Davao City, the young woman's alleged home address.

Some Facebook users mentioned her name while the Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) has been dragged into the controversy. Such reports were not independenty verified.

According to an FB user, the young woman claimed that the person shown in the viral video having a private moment with a man is not her but just a "look-alike." Another netizen said the video is old and the girl in it is not from Sandawa but Cebu.

A screenshot of the trending "Sandawa Scandal" video circulated via social media over the weekend as curious individuals searched for a download link.