Red over Blue: Facebook greets PH 'Happy Independence Day!', shows inverted flag

Social networking site Facebook on June 12 greeted Filipinos "Happy Independence Day!" but showed an inverted Philippine flag on its page.

In the Philippines, an inverted flag signals a state at war.

Section 10 of Republic Act No. 8491, otherwise known as "Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines," states:
The flag, if flown from a flagpole, shall have its blue field on top in time of peace and the red field on top in time of war; if in a hanging position, the blue field shall be to the right (left of the observer) in time of peace, and the red field to the right (left of the observer) in time of war.
Twitter user @dyozep_anghelo, who noticed and pointed out the mistake, said in his tweet:
@facebook please correct this. PH flag 🇵🇭 must be blue over red. Red on top symbolizes war.

The law also provides penalties including fine and imprisonment of up to one year for anyone who disrespects the national flag.

Facebook has yet to give a word on the incident.