Duterte looks for food in carinderia, guess what he ate for breakfast

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte was photographed while looking for food in a carinderia. Guess what he ate for breakfast in the eatery?

Davao City resident Lyka Mae Pareja posted the photos on Facebook last Thursday, June 9.

Based on her narration, Lyka's sister and cousins chanced upon the President choosing a viand at a carinderia, but they were only able to take pictures of his back since they were shy to ask for a pose with him.

When they arrived home, they told Lyka Mae that the president was there. Everyone decided to come back to the eatery where they saw the president eating. Still, they have not taken a picture with him as there were already a bunch of people waiting for the President so they just watched him at the side.

However on their way home, something unexpected happened: a car stopped and someone opened the window, it was Duterte.

Lyka said the President smiled and told them "tapos na ko mamahaw, adto na mi, salamat! [I'm done eating breakfast, we will go now, thank you!" and waved at them. Speechless, she said they just smiled back at him.

"He's so simple and approachable. You can't believe that he is the President of the Philippines," Lyka added.

Even though he is now the most powerful man in the country, Duterte remains unpretentious, the reason why people respect and love him dearly.

Before he became a President, Duterte was spotted many times taking meals at food courts, simple restaurants, and roadside eateries. He's accustomed to it.

Lyka's photos of Duterte have gone viral via social media over the weekend and many were asking about the food Duterte partook that morning. Well, maybe the President ate nilaga, native chicken adobo, and bulad (dried fish), his favorites.