Photos of 'aswang', victims go viral, spark outrage online

Photos of the so-called aswang and its alleged victims including humans and animals have gone viral online and sparked outrage among netizens.

Facebook user Christine Mangubat has been posting graphic images of dead people, a slaughtered cow, and an animal locally called 'kagwang' captured by a certain Berting.

Netizens noticed that some of the photos were edited, but what angered them is the killing of the Philippine Flying Lemur, an endangered species.

Also known as Colugo, flying lemurs are increasingly vulnerable due to deforestation. Other threats to the species, according to Wikipedia, include hunting by the farmers of the plantations they sometimes invade, where they are considered pests, since they eat fruits and flowers.

In local cultures, their meat is also consumed as a delicacy. In Bohol, their fur is used as material for native hats, but in Samar, the species is considered a bad omen and is killed either to be used as a warning or to get rid of the omen.

Mangubat's account has been reported to Facebook, some said, while others mulled of bringing her viral posts to the attention of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).