People believed a guy predicted the Orlando mass shooting until they saw this

People believed a guy predicted the Orlando mass shooting, the deadliest in U.S. history, and the death of Muhammad Ali until they saw this.

In a Facebook post in December 2015, Pablo Reyes allegedly predicted Hillary Clinton's election as "first female president" and the demise of Harambe the gorilla, American singer Prince, boxing legend Muhammad Ali, and billionaire businessman-turned politician Donald Trump.

Reyes' status update received almost 100,000 likes and reactions as of 8 a.m. today. It was also shared over 138,000 times on the social networking site.

It turned out that the "prediction" was a hoax.

Reyes simply edited his post from last year after news about the massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando broke.

The edit history shows how the changes were made.

His original status reads:
"White people outside taking selfies with tornadoes and sh*t."