Too physical? PE teacher accused of raping student thrice

A physical education teacher from a private school has been accused of raping his student thrice, but he said they are in a relationship.

During an entrapment operation launched by the action team of the ParaƱaque City Mayor's Office, 28-year-old Kirk Patrick Ferrer was arrested after he was caught on surveillance video laying his arms around the victim's shoulder and kissing her inside a convenience store.

The victim, identified as alias Michelle, is a minor. Her mother, Marife, discovered the illicit affair when she opened her cellular phone and read Ferrer's text messages saying he misses Michelle, 15.

When pressed to speak the truth, the victim admitted that a sexual encounter already happened between her and the PE teacher. It was found out that it all started after she enrolled in a volleyball clinic initiated by Ferrer during the summer break in 2014.

Marife said her daughter joined the training after Ferrer convinced her saying she has a potential in the sport. The mother said she even personally sent Michelle to the venue and fetched her after the games.

According to Michelle, the teacher once asked her to accompany him to his residence to get a volleyball. The victim claimed that she was forced by Ferrer to enter his room where she was sexually attacked. The student confessed that she complied with the command of her PE teacher out of fear and that the incident was repeated two more times.

Marife, who is a single mother, said she is very mad at Ferrer because she trusted him and even ate lunch with him whenever she accompanies Michelle to the venue.

The PE teacher, on the other hand, denied raping his student and insisted that she is a girlfriend. He said they became close to each other and got developed romantically during the training.

ParaƱaque police told media that the PE teacher will be facing charges for child abuse in violation of Republic Act 7610 (Anti-Child Abuse Law) and three counts of rape.