LOOK: Newborn baby found dead in garbage bag in Cebu

A newborn baby was found dead inside a garbage bag in Carbon Market, Cebu City. Some may find these photos disturbing, viewer discretion is advised.

According to Facebook personality Madam Dolce, who posted the pictures on Saturday, a certain Ma'am Ana found the infant's dead body in a plastic bag with leftovers.

Warning: Graphic images

Madam Dolce added that the dead baby was thrown in the trash not too long ago at the time because the blood was still fresh when the poor little angel was discovered.

Angry netizens, mostly women, blamed and condemned the mother for her baby's death. Some said she could have let couples without kids adopt her child instead of resorting to abortion.

Abortion, according to an article on Rappler, is a reality for Filipino women.

Estimates in 2012 show that 610,000 women resorted to abortion, over 100,000 women were hospitalized and 3 women die every day due to unsafe abortion complications, the report said.

In the Philippines, over half of the pregnancies are unintended, and about 17 percent and one-third of the unintended pregnancies end in abortion nationwide and in Metro Manila, respectively, and where two-thirds of those who induce abortion are poor, the report said.