Lovin' the view in Baguio: Actor shows off butt in Instagram photo

In an Instagram photo, actor-comedian Archie Alemania showed off his naked butt while getting some fresh air and enjoying the view in Baguio.

Photo from Instagram: @archiealemania

Obviously, the 38-year-old Kapamilya talent was joking and his fans are "loving the back view," but critics say otherwise.

Some netizens think his behind was an "eyesore" that disfigures the beautiful landscape of the country's Summer Capital.

Apparently, bashers also said it was Archie's way to attract public attention amid a lackluster career.

The 'Tubig at Langis' star's controversial IG photo, published on Wednesday, has not gone viral on social media yet but is expected to get a little bit of backlash from Philippine tourism promoters and Baguio residents soon.