#‎ElninoLanina‬: Miss Zamboanga's Ms. Philippines Earth answer goes viral

#‎ElninoLanina — The video of Miss Zamboanga Bellatrix Tan's answer in Miss Philippines Earth 2016 question and answer portion has gone viral.

During the Q&A segment, the candidates were asked to explain a trending topic they picked from a basket.

Tan elaborated the two weather-related phenomena that caused devastation in the country for years:

  • El Niño, which refers to the large-scale ocean-atmosphere climate interaction linked to a periodic warming in sea surface temperatures across the central and east-central Equatorial Pacific; and
  • La Niña, the opposite of El Niño, represents periods of below-average sea surface temperatures across the east-central Equatorial Pacific.

Tan's answer:
El Niño is what we are experiencing now. If we do simple things like planting trees then we will not be experiencing drought, right? So if we start now, we will achieve La Niña!