Greenhills parking incident: Atty. Salvador Panelo vs Clarisse Evangelista

A certain Clarisse Evangelista criticized incoming presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo over a parking incident at Greenhills.

On Sunday, June 12, the blogger posted on Facebook:
Earlier today Atty. Salvador Panelo was in his car (a grayish Mercedes Benz) in Greenhills shopping center, outside Mercury and Tropical Hut Shoppesville. He was asked by guard to move his car. He didn't budge. He later stepped out of his car, brought out a Duterte tarp which he placed on the hood, walked away leaving his car in a no parking area. Oh, may nag pa-selfie pa. Hahahaha ‪#‎hay‬ ‪#‎truth‬ ‪#‎thelawissomeonesfaceonatarp‬ ‪#‎yourefiredsana‬

Edit: If someone else saw the same incident and has a different perception of what happened, that's their own. I have no plans of trying to change their opinion. This I know for certain: parking is prohibited on the streets inside Greenhills Shopping Centre, regardless of who you are. There are designated parking buildings. Part of peace and unity is respecting and following the law and rules even when they are inconvenient. Furthermore, when you are a working for the President (or soon to be President), you should set a good example and make sure you are not perceived as using your connections to get special treatment (or parking, in this case).

Atty. Panelo, legal counsel and incoming presidential spokesperson of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, answered on Monday, June 13. He posted:
Re the parking incident in Greenhills:

A certain Clarisse Evangelista, obviously a non-existent person as there is nothing in her account that suggests that she exists I.e. no photo, no personal circumstances, no information on her identity, posted in facebook an alleged incident that portrayed me as violating a no parking regulation in Greenhills Commercial Center and showing no remorse. I parked my car infront of Mercury and Tropical Hot and sought permission from the security guarded posted there if could leave my car for a while as I wanted to buy a bottle of coconut virgin oil at the Mercury. The guard granted my request and told me that I could move the car infront of the Theater Mall parking zone so he could watched over it as soon as I bought the said item in the drugstore. When I stepped out of the car some Duterte supporters asked for some selfies with me and I obliged. One of those requesting for a photo with me asked me if I could put a Duterte sticker in the hood so that it would come out in the photo. After those selfies I bought the said item at the Mercury and in less than 5 minutes I returned to my car and the guard guided me to park my car in front of the Theater Mall where the guards allowed other car drivers to park their cars. That's what happened. There was no such violation of any parking regulation nor was there any exhibition of any form of arrogance. Evidently the person posting such false narration of an incident intended to put my image into bad light and picture me as abusive. Obviously too the person is an anti Duterte basher who converted a casual incident into a false and malicious narration of an event with the purpose of maligning my person. But as a designated Spokesman of the President-elect im not surprised at this falsity and bashing. I consider such wrongful imputation as an occupational hazard. Nothing however can deter me from pursuing my job no matter the presence of such brick brats.
Evangelista's post about the Greenhills parking incident involving Atty. Panelo has started to get attention on social media. In fact, it already sparked online discussions whether or not Evangelista is telling the truth since she has not presented any photo or video as evidence.

As netizens weigh in on the issue, Facebook user Rizal Veran gave an unsolicited advice to Atty. Panelo and everyone around President-elect Duterte, which reads:
Lesson learned, maging maingat ang mga nakapalibot sa ating Presidente. Even the guard is giving you preferential treatment, refuse because those people around do not see, or/and hear what really is happening, they conclude it only according to what their observation from afar. Ingat coz action of those people around the President are being misinterpreted esp sa klase ng tao sa atin magaling mag spin, aral na aral sa media.

What's your opinion on this?