8888: Duterte to set up 24-hour direct hotline for public complaints

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday said he wants to put up Direct Hotline 8888, a universal phone number for Filipinos to call for complaints.

During his first official cabinet meeting after the presidential inauguration, Duterte said the office to be established will receive "any complaint" from citizens.

He said the call center will be manned, initially, by 10 well-trained operators/call takers and a manager who will redirect the complaints to the proper agencies. All complaints will go directly to him, the President said.

Last week, Duterte hinted about setting up the 24-hour hotline to receive the public's complaints.

“I will place around seven or 10 person to man 24 hours a day. Direkta sa akin para mamonitor ko,” he said in an interview posted on Mocha Uson’s Facebook page.

Direct Hotline 8888, we understand, is separate from 911 where emergency calls are received and logged in computers.

In Davao, Central 911 facilitates police emergency assistance by dispatching mobile units nearest to the scene of emergency.

It has its own Emergency Medical Services Unit manned by highly competent and well-trained Emergency Medical Technicians who cater to pre-hospital emergency medical care.

The 911 EMS unit also transports patients to medical facilities and its ambulance units are equipped with basic life support and life saving equipments.

Central 911 likewise provides urban search and rescue, fire auxillary, and K9 services as well as trainings for first aid and basic life support, basic firefighting, water search and rescue, mountain search and rescue, road accident rescue, and high angle rescue.

The general public can avail of these services for free.

During the campaign period, Duterte vowed to implement Central 911 on a nationwide scale.

As for the Direct Hotline 8888, telcos should prepare now because if Duterte said it, he will do it.