Willing to take a bullet, Duterte supporter tells CBCP to back off

In an open letter, a pretty woman from Bacolod who is willing to take a bullet for President-elect Rodrigo Duterte told the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) to back off.

The Facebook post of Jannah Galendez is getting attention online and is expected to go viral in the next few hours.

The Duterte supporter expressed her point of view and others probably have the same sentiment so we took the liberty of publishing her open letter (with minimal editing).

Open Letter to CBCP

We are Roman Catholic but if ever time will come mga father na mag kudeta kayo, kami mismo mga [Emilio] Aguinaldo ni President Duterte ang makakalaban n'yo, pinaghihirapan namin syang dalhin sa Malacañang pero mag kudeta kudeta lang kayo?

Our family is very religious since my grand grand father but if si Duterte na pag uusapan natin, para sa kabutihan ng lahat ng mga Filipino, ABAAA dito tayo magkakalaban, we will take our rights as a Filipino to defend our beloved elected president for the betterment of every Filipino [and] for patriotism... we are willing to take a bullet for him.

If you [have] vested personal interest then BACK OFF!!!

Use your time in helping this nation/country to make a better place to live for every Filipino, andami pa nating [dapat] gawin to help the people who are in need, the OFW's who are molested and physically hurt by their employers, rape victims; [promote] better education, [and fight] unemployment, corruption, illegal drugs etc.

Please don't be blinded by what is happening in our society/country, be a PRIEST for all the Filipinos and to our country, and not by your own EGO and personal [preference], be a soldier of truth and not to [the oligarchs]. I'm telling you, we will fight to defend our beloved President Duterte for the sake of our beloved nation.

Don't let it happen that someday the Filipino people [will] disrespect PRIESTS because of your ACTIONS!!! Remember always that in every ACTION there's always a REACTION, whatever be your decission today will determine our future!

And MGA FATHER, WE CANNOT BRING BACK TIME!!! Let our President do his duty as a president to our country because he [was] elected by millions of Filipinos around the world, and do your duties as priests hindi yong pasaway kayo ng pasaway! Open your eyes and your hearts to the reality mga father and you will understand us.

Recently, Duterte criticized the Roman Catholic Church saying he will reveal the secrets and sins of the clergy, among which are those committed by bishops and priests who have become fathers. He even warned to reveal the names and addresses of their children.

The incoming president also lamented about the separation of church and state as provided for in the Philippine Constitution. For instance, some bishops asked for vehicles from the government through the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) during the Arroyo administration.

The CBCP kept mum about political issues lately following Duterte's warning.

CBCP president Archbishop Socrates Villegas in a statement said, "there is virtue in silence. There is virtue in speech. Wisdom is knowing when it is time for silence and when is the timing for speech."

Villegas added, "Mine is the silence of Jesus before the arrogance of Pilate."