Does this video prove that the PE teacher and his student 'rape victim' were lovers?

Does this video, which circulated today via social media, prove that the PE teacher and his alleged rape victim were actually lovers?

Facebook user Shean Gamalog Piñon posted a video that shows physical education teacher Kirk Patrick Ferrer asking forgiveness from a student following what appears to be a lovers' quarrel.

The clip starts with a female student singing the romantic song "Love Moves in Mysterious ways" while three other students flash posters with a written message that reads:

"Sorry na po. Ikaw lang Hayley. I love you."

After the performance, Ferrer enters the classroom and gives the girl a bouquet of flowers/roses. He is then shown flashing a set of bond paper with a message of love written on it, saying:

"I just want you to know [that] nobody makes me happy like you [do]. Nobody [has] ever made me feel like this before. I have never [loved] like this before. I feel like I am dreaming when I am with you. You completely satisfy me. So... if I tell you that I love you, would you keep me forever? Hug me if yes."

As can be seen in the video, the student hugged Ferrer in front of other students who were giggling.

The PE teacher was nabbed during an entrapment operation conducted by the Parañaque City action team after he was caught on surveillance video laying his arms around the student's shoulder and kissing her inside a convenience store.

The 15-year-old student, who was identified in reports as alias Michelle, accused Ferrer of raping her thrice since she enrolled in a summer volleyball clinic he initiated in 2014.

Ferrer is facing charges for child abuse in violation of Republic Act 7610 (Anti-Child Abuse Law) and three counts of rape. It's not clear whether he can use the video in court as evidence to prove their relationship as what he has claimed.

Some netizens pointed out that the girl in the video and his rape victim might be two different persons. Most of all, he can never change the fact that the one accusing him of rape is a minor.