Comelec, Liberal Party and that yellow fastener on their SOCE draw flak

The Commission on Elections, the Liberal Party, and that yellow fastener on their Statement of Contributions and Expenditures (SOCE) drew flak online.

At around 11:20 a.m. on Tuesday, June 14, or six days past the non-extendible June 8 deadline, the LP submitted its campaign spending report signed by its treasurer, former Oriental Mindoro governor Alfonso Umali Jr.

The party reported a total of P241,097,372.73 in expenses incurred throughout the campaign period, the same amount received as contributions.

However, the poll body has yet to decide if they will accept the report after the LP failed to submit it on time.

The law requires all candidates, party lists, and political parties to submit their SOCEs within 30 days after election day or by June 8, 2016 in this case regardless of whether they won or lost.

Section 2, Rule 10 of Comelec Resolution 9991 clearly states that the "08 June 2016 deadline shall be final and non-extendible" and "Submissions beyond this period shall not be accepted."

Filipinos are watching the developments on this matter closely to find out if the Comelec will stick to its own rules.

Here are some of the comments posted on social media:

Anne Farol:
The LP think they are above the Law. Regardless of their reasons they know that there is a deadline. They have the machinery and advantage already. Tsk tsk Tsk what can we expect from an administration who is fond of being vindictive, credit grabbing, selective justice, insensitive, bias and always very critical with previous administration but cannot even clean their own backyard...nothing!
Jopay Ilac Tapec:
What is the essence now of showing all these garbage to people? The truth na di nila nagawa at naisubmit before the set due date wala ng saysay... kaming mga simpleng mamamayan sumusunod sa mga pinapatupad niyong batas but shame on you LP party kayo mismo di marunong sumunod sa batas.

Sa mga tga Comelec winalang hiya ninyo mismo ang batas ninyo.
Felian Domires Dimo
Hoy!comelec june 8 ang deadline!ano na ngaun june 14 tinanggap nyo pa.Nasaan ang batas hindi nyo tinutupad ang batas.Hay Naku!bulok ang batas ng pilipinas.porket dilaw LP ganyan na lang. sabi nyo No EXTENSION!

The Comelec should listen to the voice of the Filipino people, not to LP. What do you think?