Breathtaking off-road adventure: Would you cross a river like this?

We've seen videos of amazing 4x4 off-road cars giving us the thrills of river crossing, but this one's really breathtaking. Watch:

The Facebook page of motoring magazine Top Gear Philippines posted the video which already amassed over 220,000 views in just six hours thanks to haters who criticized the driver and the one taking the vid and even calling them out as (sorry for the words) fools, idiot, stupid and annoying.

Non-fans of off-road games would surely consider this "incident" as something that is beyond their imagination, but those who love the sport felt good and very excited.

TGP follower Excalibur Igor said, "sa mga nag-comment ng negative, palagay ko di nyo alam ang thrill ng off roading at rivercrossing, yung mga ganyan po ay parte ng adventure at considered po yan na motor sports including the risks. Meron dn nagsabi na failure daw ito, hindi po, kung susuriin nyo nakaya nung sasakyan na umahon at daredevil din ung driver. It is worth it and I would do it again if I were him."

After a little bit of checking, we found out that there are "rules of thumb" before daredevils go river crossing (deep wading or deep fording), like what was caught in the viral video.

According to the Driving Fast website, off-road car drivers who would go deep water crossing should check the vehicle's maximum wading depth, recce the crossing on foot, consider the environmental impact, select a gear which reduces the chances of stalling, use a bow wave to artificially reduce the depth of the water, keep moving and don't let the engine stop, avoid flowing water unless they know what they are doing.

What was captured on camera was really intense, some would call it insane.

In fact, it can be sensed from the voices of those who are heard shouting in the video that they were worried about the driver's sake, probably thinking that he could not survive if the vehicle got stalled for a longer period. Well of course these guys are pros so they must have prepared the necessary instruments and first aid kits before attempting to cross the river.

Here's another viral video of a spectacular river crossing by a Toyota Land Cruiser in very deep water. The uploader said the 4x4 off-road driver here has the "nerves of steel."

Watch this: