LOOK: Viral photos show 'worm' in corned beef

Photos that have gone viral via social media today show a piece of meat that looks like a worm found inside a popular corned beef product.

The uploader, Arlene Cuenca Candelaria, said in a Facebook post that she was about to cook the Argentina corned beef when she noticed the presence of an ingredient believed to be a worm. However, a netizen said it was just a cow vein.

Some of Candelaria's friends on FB advised her to sue the company and keep the canned good with the alleged worm because it will serve as evidence. But she admitted that it got thrown away by a relative and was already eaten by a dog.

Argentina corned beef is made and distributed by Century Pacific Food, Inc., which has yet to release a statement regarding the incident.

It is not the first time that something like this happened. In November last year, a certain Kristian Bañas claimed that he found an earthworm in his favorite corned beef.

Bañas clarified that he did not post the pictures to tarnish the company's reputation and his only intention is to raise awareness among consumers to check the content of canned goods carefully before cooking or eating.