VIRAL: Angry man berates female student inside FX taxi

Three videos that captured a scene inside an FX taxi where an angry man berated a female student for unknown reasons have gone viral.

According to the uploader, Soy Gonzales, the incident happened on Tuesday, May 3. She said the passengers were shocked when a man who just got in with his wife shouted at the student sitting beside the door of the vehicle.

It appears that the man got angry because the student did not give way for the couple to be seated beside the door as their destination, North Olympus in Novaliches, is just near. Coincidentally, the student also intended to go there.

The man was heard cursing the student inside the taxi and at one point said he has a big problem the student would never understand. Shortly after getting off the vehicle, he allegedly punched and hit her in the shoulder.

Gonzales tried to comfort the student, whom she identified as Joana, and told her that she will upload the videos to give the perpetrator a lesson.

Netizens later identified the man as Mike Musni Arellano. Some said he should be put behind bars for violating certain laws.

Warning: Foul words