TANIM BALA: Couple in trouble after honeymoon in Boracay

New tanim-bala case: A couple who spent their honeymoon in Boracay got in trouble at the airport after 15 bullets were found in their baggage.

Jerome Sulit and his wife, Rochelle, were on their way back to Manila when screeners at Caticlan Airport found 14 live bullets and one empty shell inside his hand-carried luggage at 11 a.m. last Thursday, April 28. The newlyweds denied owning the ammunition.

Rochelle said there is no purpose of bringing bullets to their honeymoon.

According to her, Jerome's bag got stuck in the x-ray machine for several minutes before airport personnel asked him to take the suspicious objects out. Rochelle admitted that her husband's baggage was not fully zipped at the time.

The Sulits were brought to the police station and allegedly asked to pay P80,000 for their liberty. They were detained by Aklan police until Friday while awaiting charges to be filed against Jerome. Rochelle told media that she borrowed P40,000 from her company so her husband can post bail.

A laywer from the Public Attorney's Office came and accompanied them to the airport. Without a case, PAO chief Persida Rueda-Acosta said the 11-hour detention was illegal. She said airport authorities should have just confiscated the bullets as there was no apparent intent to possess.

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Sources: ABS-CBN News, YouTube