'Otap Boy' Michael Ramos sells in buses to earn for family, education

"Otap Boy" Michael Ramos, a handsome vendor with dimples who sells dried mangoes and the oval-shaped puff pastry in buses, has gone viral.

Often spotted in Victory Liner buses, the 18-year-old working student from Compostela Valley took advantage of the summer break to sell food items to earn money for his family back in the province and save some for his education.

According to one of his customers who posted photos on Facebook, the good-looking Otap vendor lives in Quezon City and is helping his siblings and sick mother.

It has been said that he is a former high school student of Jose Maria College in Davao. However, another post indicated that he came from Pampanga.

Ramos, also dubbed by fans as "Otap Man," has captured the attention of female social media users after his photos circulated online over the weekend. He is expected to become famous once mainstream media pick up his story.