WATCH: OFW humiliates NAIA staff, turns out he picked the wrong luggage

Thinking that his items were stolen, an overseas Filipino worker humiliated some NAIA staff. It turned out that he picked the wrong luggage.

Facebook user Ralph Vincent Agustin posted a video showing a disgruntled OFW-passenger from Dubai who became hysterical at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport after noticing that his luggage weighed ten kilos lighter, from 17 down to 7.

The uploader thought that it was another "bukas bagahe" incident so he cursed the airport personnel (like what the man in the video did) and sought help from incoming President Rodrigo Duterte to take action against the supposed modus operandi.

It was discovered later that the OFW mistakenly took the luggage of a woman's child which looks exactly the same as his.

Cebu Pacific customer service agent Avon Aras, who was assigned at the carousel that time, posted on Facebook to explain her side.

What really happened, she said, was that the claim stab of the passenger whose surname was "Labay" did not match to the tag of the baggage, which is actually owned by another traveller identified only as "Amo."

Aras said the angry passenger already apologized to her and the other airport workers whom he berated and humiliated.