BEWARE: Mysterious hooded woman hurts jeepney passengers in Manila

Beware of this mysterious hooded woman who allegedly hurts or worse stabs jeepney passengers in Manila. Watch this video and be vigilant.

Edwin Maninang, the driver, said his passengers were so scared of the mysterious hooded woman that they got off his jeepney immediately after seeing her.

He said the unidentified woman got mad at him and tried to stab him but failed. Luckily, there is a door at the driver's side. However, two commuters were apparently hurt by the mysterious hooded woman.

Maninang's jeepney dashboard camera captured the incident on video which has gone viral on Facebook.

According to some netizens, the woman lives in Pacheco Street, Tondo, and is mentally ill. Rumor has it that the strange person wears a hooded sweatshirt because she thinks she is a "ninja."