Man catches 7-month pregnant wife having sex with lover

Davao City — A man's world was devastated after he caught his 7-month pregnant wife having sex with her lover inside their rented room.

Based on the investigation conducted by the Buhangin Police Station, the 48-year-old husband was identified only as alias "Clemencio" while his wife was called by the name "Jessa," 31, both room occupants of a boarding house in Nazareth Street, Barangay Buhangin.

It was found out that Clemencio arrived from duty around 6:30 a.m. and when he opened the door, he saw his wife naked and playing fire with a man identified as alias "Perlito," 25, a laborer.

According to a report published on Facebook by Brigada News Davao, Perlito quickly put on his shorts and ran away but Clemencio chased him and a fistfight happened.

Police officers responded immediately, causing the cheating wife and her lover to get detained.

Clemencio decided to file a regular case considering the pregnancy of Jessa, who has been released from detention, the report said.