Facebook post warns of Duterte assassination plot, poll cheating

A Facebook post has warned about an alleged plot to assassinate leading presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte and a massive poll cheating.

Posted as is:

"Guys let us all pray for our good Mayor: naay disturbing news we learned from reliable sources: "guys, mayor needs our prayers Sharing this message, sent by a friend: lota ingna beth and sara ani:: Doc jet. I just talked with our chair. Her close friend a doctor is married to a general. Nag close door meeting daw with all high ranking officers with malacanang and each of them received envelope full of cash. Madadaya or may plot against digong doc. I feel so sad for our country. Maybe we should all commit a prayer brigade for mayor's intention and for a fair election.pls pass so that many wil cry to d Lord for MERCY From a doctor in SPH. Pls pass gikan ni ni chona ven"

The message went viral on the social networking site Friday, May 6, three days before the national and local polls. But we discovered that it was already posted by a Facebook user from Cebu City last Wednesday, May 4.

It circulated following reports about the alleged assassination plot as mentioned on Facebook by a certain Francis Besin Bundoc.

He said:

"Last week, I called Bong, the chief aide of Duterte, to ask him to reinforce Duterte’s security because I had received a report of a plot to kill him. I asked him [for] further proof, either in the form of documents or a recording of the secret meeting that apparently was held to work out the details.

He told me I would have them to give out to the media a few days before the elections. I don’t know if this is disinformation from the enemy camp to scare Duterte, who has been mingling easily with the huge crowds that mob him.

My source claims two assassins have been hired at P10 million apiece. The high-powered sniper rifles will be provided by PNP (Philippine National Police) sympathizers. The two assassins will be posted from different angles. A diversionary explosion will be created to immobilize the crowd and two shots will be fired aimed at Duterte’s head. After the killing, the PNP would carry out an investigation and blame the killing on a drug lord.

If this plot is real, I am waiting for proof of such a plot, I shall disseminate it to the formal and social media. But first I have to determine the authenticity of the evidence before accusing anyone. According to my source, a top aide of one of Duterte’s rivals was present at the meeting. In the meantime, I am asking the Dutertistas to stay on their guard and protect their candidate. Also to share this info with everyone."

According to reports, Bundoc's Facebook account has been deactivated.

Duterte, ranked first in pre-election surveys, shrugged off the alleged plot to assassinate him and said he is not afraid to die. Although his camp has been cautioned to be careful and alert at all times, the presidential race front-runner said they would not intensify his security.

"If it is my destiny to die, so be it," Duterte said in an interview.