Duterte to NAIA personnel: STOP tanim-bala scheme or else

Presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte warned airport personnel to stop the tanim-bala (bullet-planting) scheme at the NAIA or else all of them will be relieved.

"Kayong nasa NAIA, pag may tanim (bala) pa diyan lahat kayo alis," he said during an appearance on the show of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy on Monday night hours after the 2016 national and local elections. [Those at NAIA, if there is still bullet planting there all of you will be out.]

"I do not care even if your chief of office or your CO (commanding officer) there knows or has nothing to do with it," Duterte noted.

The president-elect also issued the stern warning to cops.

"Istasyon ganun rin. Kung ang chief of police hindi niya kontrolado ang pulis niya at may pulis diyan 'naglalaro', out silang lahat," he said. [Same with police stations. If the chief of police cannot control his men and if there's a police officer there who is doing illegal activities, everyone will be out.]

Duterte also joked about where he is planning to re-assign them.

"I will accomodate you sa Mindanao doon sa Zamboanga, maganda doon maraming beach. Doon kayo sa isang island kasi maraming kinikidap diyan, diyan na kayo magligo-ligo muna," he said. [I will accomodate you in Mindanao, in Zamboanga, it's beautiful there, the're plenty of beach. You can bathe in an island where many get kidnapped.]

"Do not do it to me because as I said I am old and humbled by the vote given to me by the people for after all I did not also ask that I'd be president," Duterte added.


Based on initial findings, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) confirmed that an extortion syndicate is behind the bullet planting scheme at NAIA.

According to the NBI's investigation, some porters are involved in identifying potential victims of the bullet planting scam. Allegedly, airport officials in the security and immigration services present in the four terminals of the airport pursue target victims after their identification by porters.

Usual victims were found to be the elderly and overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). - Source