Duterte proposes nationwide liquor ban: Agree or disagree?

Philippines president-elect Rodrigo Duterte has proposed a nationwide liquor ban as part of his administration's efforts to curb criminality.

Spokesman Peter Lavina told reporters that sale of alcoholic beverages will be prohibited from 1 a.m. in the whole country.

The proposed measure is based on a city ordinance that has been implemented in Davao after Duterte saw the correlation between drunkenness and crime as well as road accidents.

Lavina clarified that once approved, the nationwide liquor ban will be imposed in public places. He noted that people will not be denied of their freedoms as they can drink to their hearts' desire at home.

Public consultations will be conducted prior to implementation, the spokesman added.

During his speech at a luncheon organized by the Makati Business Club last April, Duterte also vowed to stop streetside drinking sessions.

Do you agree or disagree?