Closeup rave party viral video: 'Droga na, adikan na?'

A girl who attended the Closeup Forever Summer rave party, where five people died, apparently shouted "droga na, adikan na" in this viral video.

The 30-second clip, which was posted on Facebook by singer-dancer Mocha Uson, shows a young and pretty partygoer capturing what was going on at the event held over the weekend.

She mentioned the name of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte several times apparently to warn the alleged drug users that she will report them to the incoming head of state.


The video was probably taken prior to the tragic incident where 5 attendees collapsed at the venue and later died.

Authorities identified the victims as Ariel Leal, 22; Lance Garcia, 36; Ken Migawa, 18; Bianca Fontejon, 18; and Eric Anthony Miller, a 33-year-old American.

An incident report from the Pasay City Police Station revealed that Leal, Garcia and Migawa were brought to San Juan De Dios Hospital while Fontejon and Miller were taken to Manila Doctors Hospital but died. All of them were not related to each other.

A deeper probe to determine the cause of their untimely death is underway. Many suspect that the victims died due to lacing of drinks or party drug overdose.