VIRAL: Traffic enforcer offers 50% cut on traffic violation fines

This video shows a traffic enforcer from the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) offering to a motorist a 50% cut on traffic violation fines.

Motoring magazine Top Gear Philippines posted the 42-second clip from a certain Dejou Uy on Sunday, April 24, with the following caption:

"This traffic officer deserves a medal for thinking of ways motorists can save on traffic violation penalties."

In the video, the unidentified traffic enforcer is seen negotiating with the driver, trying to convince the alleged violator to avail the 50% discount if he cannot afford to pay the P1,000 fine.


It is unknown whether the driver did bite the "special offer" and whether the penalty was settled on the road or at the city hall.

The video has gone viral on Facebook quickly, garnering more than 42,000 views in less than thirty minutes.