Statistics report on PH index crimes an April fools joke?

Netizens consider the statistics report on the top 15 cities in the Philippines with the highest number of index crimes as an April fools joke.
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A Rappler article written by Katerina Francisco says that according to data released by the Philippine National Police (PNP) on Friday, April 1, the list includes Quezon City (1st), Manila City (2nd), Cebu City (3rd), Davao City (4th), Cagayan de Oro City (5th), Baguio City (6th), Zamboanga City (7th), Iloilo City (8th), General Santos City (9th), Bacolod City (10th), Angeles City (11th), Makati City (12th), Iligan City (13th), Naga City (14th), and Mandaue City (15th).

Take note that the stat report covers a 5-year period.

"Davao City's 4th place ranking in the PNP list also corresponds with an earlier statement of Liberal Party presidential candidate and former interior secretary Manuel Roxas II," Francisco wrote. "Roxas had slammed as a "myth" claims that Davao City was as safe and peaceful as city mayor and presidential aspirant Rodrigo Duterte claims it to be."

The report has been criticized by supporters of Davao City Mayor and presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte, with some questioning the timing of the release of the list.

Facebook user Karen Faith De Pablo posted: "Wow very timely for the election.. davao police!! Pls verify if the data is correct!! I think this is another demolition job."

Ryan Marcelo Tecson said: "And after 5 years they come out with records! ^^ Good Job! Daming crimes naapprehend ba yung criminals? Its more proper to equate cimes vs solved crimes! ^^ #justsaying"

Alan Laganson commented: "When there were police heads that were relieved because of data manipulation para lang ma pwersang mapababa ang number c/o lambat-sibat. I wonder how honesty works nowadays."

Larry Mont Lasta posted: "How timely and desperate, and the article really has to inject the myth comment of marimar. PNP's report seem to be influenced by the antics of tuwad na daan. Shame!"

Neil Mahinay also expressed his views and said: "This is one of the strategies of the Mar Roxas camp to defeat Duterte in the election: "ATTACK DAVAO CITY." Unfortunately, MAR's has no credibility. Duterte will win, look at Duterte's rallies.... the support has reached critical mass... too late for other candidates... they will lose. They can rank Davao high in crimes for all I care, the truth is Davao is really peaceful and we dabawenyos are enjoying it."

Jean Franzesco Escudero hashtagged the report as "dirty politics."

It's normal for Duterte supporters to react negatively as the report "debunks" the claim that Davao is the "4th safest city in the world." However, they should check the profile of the author of the article first before getting fuming mad.

It appears that she isn't neutral. CLICK HERE and you will find out that she's been writing about a particular presidential candidate over the last couple of days.

Are the days when we expect journalists who cover politics to keep their partisan leanings to themselves gone?