Rigel Micolob signed anti-ABS-CBN petition before joining 'Tawag ng Tanghalan'

Current 'Tawag ng Tanghalan' champion Rigel Micolob signed an anti-ABS-CBN petition before joining the singing contest on "It's Showtime."

This was found out after a screenshot of her Facebook post went viral via social media and blogs.

It indicates that she signed a petition to "disqualify" the Kapamilya network — host of the third and last PiliPinas Debates 2016 to be aired on April 24 — from hosting the presidential debate.

The petitioner, a certain Figo Cantos of Marikina City, called ABS-CBN "extremely bias."

Apparently, Rigel signed the petition on February 23. Last Monday, April 11, she dethroned Christofer Mendrez, who already qualified to the semi-finals, to become 'Tawag ng Tanghalan' champion.

The Davaoeña singer supports her mayor, presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte, whose supporters have sentiments against ABS-CBN for its alleged biased reporting. This must be the reason why she signed the petition before the opportunity to compete in 'Tawag ng Tanghalan' came.

Rigel has kept mum on the issue and did not react inspite of her being tagged by bashers as "hypocrite." She had a change of heart when she joined the noontime show's singing contest and there is nothing wrong with that.