Netizen's life 'in danger' over viral Facebook post about Jesse, Leni Robredo?

After her Facebook post about the late Jesse Robredo and his widow Leni went viral, netizen Eva Marie Poon claimed she's been told that her life is in danger.

She posted her new article shortly after midnight, at 12:33 a.m. Thursday, April 28.

Prior to this, Eva had a lengthy Facebook post that tackled her friendship with the Robredos and the alleged irregularity in the procurement of firetrucks by the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) where Jesse served as Secretary from 2010 to until his death in 2012.

Eva's belief on the conspiracy theory that the government had a hand in the plane crash that killed Jesse as well as the comments of Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda who responded to her opinions made the post more intriguing.

The first post was already deleted but netizens were able to capture screenshots (click here for the story).

In her follow-up post, Eva apologized to Lacierda and explained her side saying:

So today I have been told that my life is in danger. Who would ever have thought that one personal post about voting can cost you your life? Is this what my country has come to?:( So many people have shared with me how I have been bashed, saw a gentleman from Uno, my alma mater actually post about "knowing" me,etc.

Honestly, I'm OK. My conscience is clear. The bashing was expected because that's what they do when they can't counter your points. Personal opinions about me are OK..every person is free to do that. But what I cannot accept is being called a liar. People in my world know how important honesty is to me and how I have fought for it, time and again, personally and at work, losing friends and relations because I chose to stand alone with my principles rather than lie and make pakisama as most people like to do.

Someone said that Mr. Lacierda posted on his wall calling my friendship with the Robredos a lie. Sa totoo lang, dko talaga naintindihan bakit siya nagcocomment sobra dun sa post ko out of so many online and looking back now, I think the major reason for the post turning viral and even being noticed was all due to Mr. Lacierda and his comments. I give him credit for putting my life "in danger".

Some people said I made it all up, my friendship, the scenario..that I was paid. If I was someone after money and being rich, I wouldn't be whining about riding the Lrt and MRT everyday.:):) The relationship - I leave it to all of those from Naga that know the truth. Why Sec.Jesse relayed those exact words to me that night I will never know. Maybe he was really tired as I perceived and my offer of prayers made him express for a moment the struggles he faced everyday at work. I was really trying to understand why Mr. Lacierda and the others wanted to discredit one of the moments I held highly and cherish with Sir Jesse. What did I really do wrong by relaying a personal experience that continues to influence my decision-making for this election? There was even a post about someone working closely with Sir Jesse discrediting me too. So many posts, bashing and comments and I took it all in. My conscience was clear. Kasi wala talaga akong maisip na reason or pagkakamali sa ginawa ko. An opinion based on a real-life moment. Now this.

Today, I received so many pms of support not just from Duterte supporters but RoRo supporters who are going through the same dilemma as I am when it came to Mam Leni. The positive pms of prayers and support overly outweigh the negative. I have received pms from former govt officials, generals, Ofws, Tsinoys and the like. SALAMAT PO. PLEASE PRAY for me because apparently, I unknowingly started something and I think now I understand why. Thank you for those that sent me this post.. To affirm my truth, to affirm that I am not dishonest. This is all that matters most.

To Mr. Lacierda, my apologies.. I didn't know that by sighting that instance one Xmas, I opened a can of worms. Know that that wasn't my intention. But you have fanned the flames together with those of you that pounced on me through my post and now have made it viral. With this article I'm sharing I guess I can say THANK YOU. By calling me out seemingly for the "right" reasons you have now inadvertently shown your true colors. So there really was a "firetruck" issue. Who would've known?

To that lady who worked closely with Sir Jesse dissing me and calling me a liar, I am saddened. The system has obviously won you over...but I am reassured with the thought that you must've gone through the same struggle Sir Jesse and I went about our principles at some point. You are an example of why people think getting into government taints you. It discourages true and honest people to fight against the Goliath. My status was about my hope that none of us will ever have a "struggle" anymore...even with just choosing which candidate to vote for.

God bless us and our country and may He watch over me through this storm and protect my life."