WATCH: Duterte refers to PAGCOR funds, Roxas cites PhilHealth

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte referred to PAGCOR funds to be used for health programs while administration bet Mar Roxas cited PhilHealth.

The two presidential candidates were talking about two different things during the final presidential debate, but Duterte supporters think it appears that Roxas manipulated the topic and some mainstream media reports twisted the news.

Here's the excerpt of that part of the 2016 Pili Pinas Townhall Debate held last Sunday, April 24:

Duterte: "But it would be a good idea if you can place 1 doctor per barangay and he acts as the physician of that barangay. For the entire Philippines I will commit the PAGCOR funds (kita), it's about 30 billion, I will commit that as a trust fund to be used only for the payment of the Filipinos who are in hospitals sa mga medical expenses nila. I will require all hospitals, hospital ng mayaman hospital ng mahirap, to come up with that facility in reserving 8 beds or 20 depending on the capitalization. Doon sila at huwag silang matakot because there is always money to pay, ang bilyon ng PAGCOR funds."

After hearing it, Roxas said it was already being done by the government and then cited PhilHealth's programs.

The Facebook fan page of Duterte's daughter, Inday Sara Duterte, explained that while it is true that PhilHealth is giving assistance to Filipinos, it is just not enough which is why the presidential front-runner has proposed to utilize the income of PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation).

Unimpressed, Mayor Duterte downplayed the administration's role in health care and said the Davao City local government requested for funding assistance two years ago but received nothing from the national government until today.

Roxas returned with a dare. The administration bet challenged Duterte to withdraw candidacy if he will be able to provide by 8 a.m. on Monday, April 25, a complete list of Davao City residents who availed of PhilHealth benefits.

Indeed, the Daang Matuwid ni Mar Roxas Facebook page posted photos of the list of PhilHealth beneficiaries but the documents showed only a few names of Davao City residents; majority of those listed are from Tagum City in the province of Davao del Norte.

Some Duterte supporters said they believe that Roxas's camp may have violated the Data Privacy Act for posting the names of the beneficiaries, their addresses, and the amounts of the medical expenses that were charged to PhilHealth.

A relevant PhilHealth memo can be viewed here.