CHECKMATE: Duterte denies P211M bank deposit, challenges Trillanes to file a case

CHECKMATE. Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte denied he has a bank account with a P211 million deposit and challenged Senator Antonio Trillanes to file a case against him.

The senator, who is running for vice president and endorsing fellow senator Grace Poe for president, alleged that the PDP-Laban standard bearer has a joint account with daughter Sara at the Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI) branch on Julia Vargas Avenue in Pasig City with a deposit of at least P211 million.

He dared Duterte to issue a waiver and allow the opening of his bank accounts. Trillanes even invited the presidential race front-runner to meet him on May 2 at 11 a.m. at the bank premises to sign the waiver.

Trillanes promised to resign from the Senate and withdraw from his candidacy if his allegations against Duterte are not true. He also warned of filing an impeachment case if Duterte wins the election.

On Thursday, Duterte confirmed that he has a BPI account just hours after his spokesperson, Peter Laviña, denied its existence. However, the presidential aspirant insisted that the account at BPI Julia Vargas branch does not contain P211 million. He also denied that it is a joint account with his daughter. On the other hand, Sara in a text message sent to media said she has no knowledge of the bank account.

In an interview, Duterte challenged the senator to execute an affidavit and disclose where and when he got his information and why he released it. The Davao City Mayor said he will make public his bank account if Trillanes files a statement under oath.

Duterte's long-time friend, writer and former North Cotabato governor Manny Piñol, defended the tough-talking mayor in a Facebook post, which reads:

"Knowing the real Duterte

By Manny PIñol

In the 24 years that I have known Rody Duterte, I cannot still confidently say that I know much about the man.

He has remained an enigma to me. His language, his actions and even his facial expressions are puzzles that must be deciphered to be fully understood.

One thing that I am certain though is that this man has led a simple and frugal life.

In the long time that we have been friends, he has only treated me once and this was when he invited me to join him to watch the Manny Pacquiao-Chris Algieri fight in Macau a couple of years back.

I would sometimes cook for him two or three lechon of Manok Pinoy, the upgraded native chicken which I developed, and black chicken soup delivered to his simple home in the Doña Luisa Subdivision, a GSIS low-cost housing project in Matina, Davao City.

During my last trip to Mexico for a boxing event, I bought him two pairs of Mexican leather boots. He showed these off to me the last time I had a long conversation with him.

Does he have money? Yes, I would say so.

Does he have over P200-million kept in a bank as claimed by Sen. Antonio Trillanes?

That I doubt very much.

You see, I believe in the "No Tree, No Fruit" doctrine or simply put in Pilipino "Walang Bunga kung Walang Puno."

Hidden or unexplained wealth by politicians should have a source.

In the case of Vice President Jejomar Binay, for example, the charges of corruption against him and his son stemmed from the alleged overpriced construction of the Makati Parking Building and all other transactions.

This is the puzzle that has to be solved if we are to believe Trillanes' allegation that Duterte is keeping hundreds of millions in the bank.
People of Davao City and those who know him are aware that you could accuse Duterte of a lot of things but not corruption.

Duterte has no record of corruption in all of the 23 years he has been Mayor of Davao City and he has consistently refused financial gifts even during the elections from big business corporations.

In fact, just recently, he refused a financial contribution from a huge telecommunications company because he was afraid that there would be conflict of interest when he becomes President.

Many other offers of financial contributions from big political funders have been turned down.

There has also been no controversial transaction in the city hall where Duterte could have made money from.

So, where would the hundreds of millions, which Trillanes claim Duterte keeps, come from?

This brings us back to the "No Tree, No Fruit" doctrine.

How could Duterte have harvested "fruits" amounting to hundreds of millions of pesos as Trillanes alleges if there are no trees to pick these from?

And how could Duterte have faked being poor for all of 28 years as leader of Davao City. That's a goddam long time for pretending.

The answer could just really come from pure common sense - Duterte does not have the hundreds of millions that Trillanes claims he keeps and if indeed he has that, common sense will dictate that he would not deposit the funds in a Metro Manila bank using his own name.

If at all, Duterte may be right in saying that the supposed hundreds of millions in deposits could just be the fruit of Trillanes fertile imagination and "sick" mind.

Common sense. "No Tree, No Fruit," "No Anomaly, No Money."

Sadly though, common sense is not very common and sometimes even absent in some people like Trillanes."

A Duterte supporter who uses the handle 'Ombz Skie' also has an intriguing post about the issue:

"Duterte asked Trillanes to issue an AFFIDAVIT on HOW he was able to get the bank records.

Acquiring bank records without the permission of the bank account owner is a CLEAR violation of the BANK SECRECY LAW.

IF TRILLANES provides the AFFIDAVIT, it can be used as evidence against him and including the one from the bank who gave him the records. Then, Duterte will open his account and show that those transactions are not really existing. Duterte wins. Trillanes goes to jail.

IF TRILLANES rejects the dare of Duterte, it means TRILLANES is scared to reveal what he really knows about the account. We can therefore conclude that he FABRICATED it. Trillanes will carry the burden. Duterte escapes.


Sinabi ni Duterte dati na pabubuksan nya bank account ng lahat ng government officials for transparency during his first weeks in office. He even signed the waiver and dared other candidates to do the same. But they didn't.

Nakahanap ka ngayon ng katapat mo, TROLLanes!"

He also posted a photo with the title "CHECKMATE."

Sources: GMA News, ABS-CBN News, Facebook