Carlos vs Carl: Nurses speak against activist-turned Roxas supporter

Now it's Carlos Celdran versus Carl Balita and nurses slamming the activist for barring a Makati Med nurse from wearing a Duterte baller band.

"Makati Medical. A nurse knew who I was and STILL wore a Duterte bracelet to the booth where my friend was dying of cancer. I had to ask her to take it off. F*cking hell," said Celdran, who is allegedly being paid to provide lip service for Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas.

"So the NURSE has no right to express political choice only because "he knows you"? WHO ARE YOU???" asked Balita, radio personality and businessman best known for his advocacy concerning nurses' rights.

"She has the right to express as much as you claim to have it CARLOS CELDRAN! Nurses are not prohibited to take political stand for as long as it does not interfere with patient care," the call center owner posted.

"This is NOT about Duterte, but about how you have treated (and presumably belittled) the nurse. We are trained to respect but such we accord to those who can give the same," he added.

An army of nurses backed Balita on this issue. We picked up some of the comments against Celdran.

Nina Lee: "I told you this Carlos Celdran needs to be sedated. Every time he speaks about politics is a disaster."

Maria Niña Peralta-Argallon: "Nurses have the right to express who they want to vote. We do not persuade our patients to choose whom we want. We know how to respect others. As patient providers, we deserve outmost respect! Katanggap tanggap pa if walang emphasis sa pangalan ng baller na suot nya at pinatanggal niya yun lalo na kung nakakasagabal sa trabaho. If that nurse wore a "yellow" bracelet, will he do otherwise??"

Abby Frago: "What the h*ll is wrong wearing Mr. Duterte's baller, Mr. Carlos Celdran?!!! I am also from MMC. We have the uniform care for all patients, regardless of creed, race and economical status! And just so you know, the baller has nothing to do with the pathophysiology of cancer. It does not hasten the disease progression, Mr. Celdran, if that is what you are raging about! Respect is not being imposed, it is earned! And for that, you lost mine."

Carlo Medic: "This Carlos Celdran just got his few minutes of fame on TV and Youtube and thinks he is a VIP 😂. Well your not and nurses are not there to please you! Im expecting that if his cadidate Mar Roxas does not win and the country is not colored yellow anymore he is going to REMOVE himself from the country as well your becoming a cancer to the society?"

Mikee Lanterno: "Who the h*ll is he? Why does he think highly of himself? Arrogant people like him should be the first ones to be exterminated. I am not a Duterte supporter but I didn't like the way he treated the MMC Nurse."

Alfred Fernandez Nimo: "RESPECT begets RESPECT. Regardless who they are supporting No one has the right to impose or coerce one's ideologies or political stand. It's free country Mr. Celdran, you might have forgotten to read your history books."

In a separate Facebook post, Celdran said wearing of Duterte baller bands is "divisive," "unsanitary," and "it stops others from feeling like Makati Medical is a home for everyone."

A certain Mary Crystal agreed and said "nurses are only allowed to wear a wrist watch as an accessory and nothing else because these things may harbor micro organisms that may harm our patients tthe although the nurse is allowed to express his/her political right that is not the place to wear such a bracelet."

Some doctors also expressed their opinions on the issue, which the Makati Med management has not spoken about yet.