Carlos Celdran asks Makati Med nurse to take off Duterte baller, draws flak

Tour guide-turned activist Carlos Celdran drew flak after he asked a nurse at the Makati Medical Center to take off her Duterte baller.

"Makati Medical. A nurse knew who I was and STILL wore a Duterte bracelet to the booth where my friend was dying of cancer. I had to ask her to take it off. F*cking hell," said Celdran, a staunch supporter of Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas.

According to Michael Lintag, who captured a screenshot of the controversial Facebook post, Celdran deleted it after receiving heavy criticisms from netizens and health professionals.

In a separate post, Celdran asked the "people of Makati Medical Center all wearing the Duterte baller bands" to "rethink" their "position of voting for the strong man with light jokes" for the following reasons:

"The strong man's values are not the values that doctors and nurses are about. Your profession is about kindness, professionalism, and healing. Not about bullying, making light of serious issues like women's rights, rape, and national security.

Your profession is about life. Not taking it away. And when I see that baller while dealing with hate in this highly stressful, highly divisive, and violent election season. Suddenly, I feel that I am being cared for by someone that doesn't share the same values as my father and myself."

Celdran said wearing Duterte baller bands is "divisive," "unsanitary," and "it stops others from feeling like Makati Medical is a home for everyone."

Reactions immediately overflowed on Celdran's Facebook timeline. A certain Pia Abella Garchitorena said:

"I personally know some physicians who wear RoRo baller IDs to work. To me, it's okay regardless of your political preference as long as they perform their duties to the best of their ability, and their political choice does not get in the way of their sworn oath. Making them remove their baller IDs may be misinterpreted as stripping them of their freedom of expression."

Doctor Neilsen Nilo, who introduced himself as a surgeon from MMC, said:

"I think what you're doing is very desperate sir, and since we are doctors, they say we think a lot, that is precisely why we will never go for incompetence. Just sayin."

Netizen Memi Mo posted:

"That's fair enough, Carlos, if your points were true and unbiased. But they're not. These issues are just taken out of context and not what Duterte's campaign is really about. But you refuse to acknowledge that and continuously attack him every chance you get, even though you yourself had some experience with being misunderstood and asking for empathy. So I'm not sure who really needs to rethink what."

Val Seno, a nurse, has these to say:

"Carlos, hospitals follow evidenced-based protocols. If you can show me one single research that wearing a baller can potentially harm patient's care (in area's where sterility is not required), I'll gladly take my baller off. Otherwise, you are stripping us our constitutional right to express our political beliefs and aspirations. See you later when we do our rounds!"

In a follow-up post, Celdran asked:

"Aren't hospitals supposed to be apolitical? Or isn't there a rule regarding jewelry and accessories due to sanitation? Only watch right? Makati Med. I don't get it."

The management of Makati Med has not issued an official statement regarding the issue. Do you think it was against nurses and doctors' right to choose?