Alleged FEU students' FX taxi video scandal goes viral, sparks debate online

A cellphone video that shows two FEU students allegedly doing a scandalous act while riding an FX taxi has gone viral and sparked debate online.

The 'Pepeng Pinakamalupet' Facebook page gave credit to a certain Bryz Guliman as the original uploader of the 2-minute, 20-second clip where a young couple wearing what looks like a Far Eastern University sports uniform is seen sitting next to each other inside a public utility vehicle.

The face of the girl, who appears to be very tired and sleepy, is so close to her boyfriend's that it's as if she wants to kiss him on the lips. Her sweet facial expression made some malicious viewers jump to the conclusion that something was happening behind their backpacks, which they placed on their laps and held tightly.
Unfortunately, the lovey doveys didn't notice that a fellow passenger captured the moment on video which quickly circulated via social media over the weekend. As of 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 16, the video already garnered more than 745,000 views in one FB page alone.

Some netizens said the two FEU students must have gone intimate somewhere private so as not to tarnish the name and reputation of the university. Others argued by saying that the fellow passenger should have just called the attention of those involved instead of taking the video and posting it online.

No one has revealed the identities of the young couple but some students from FEU confirmed through comments that they go to the same school. Their classmates plead for respect, urged the public not to be judgmental, and asked the page admin to take down the video immediately.

One also raised concern over the psychological impact of harsh criticisms and cyberbullying on the two students considering that nothing has been proven and their sides are yet to be heard.

The FEU administration is expected to issue an official statement regarding the incident.