Teenagers show public display of affection, earn flak online [+video]

Two teenagers—a female student and her boyfriend—earned flak online after a video of them showing public display of affection has gone viral.

In a video that stirred Facebook since March 24, the boyfriend is seen giving his girl flowers at a location near an unidentified high school. His group of friends are standing by the side, each one of them holding placards that collectively say "Will you marry me?"

After he handed over the bouquet of red roses, they hugged tightly and kissed each other as the twitterpated crowd composed mostly of giggling girls cheered for the lovey doveys.


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Posted by The Viral Express on Thursday, March 24, 2016

The reaction of netizens on social media is exactly opposite of what was captured in the viral video.

Many were angry on the two students, with some throwing questions such as "Is this what they learned in school?" and "Shouldn't they study first instead of thinking about other things?"

Comments flooded the Facebook pages where the controversial video is posted.

One critic took notice of the irony that the young man was able to buy flowers but couldn't even wear something better than his ripped/tattered leggings. Others criticized the girl saying her actions were flirtatious.

However, open-minded ones defended the teenagers and said their PDA is just part of growing up. A certain Rachel Ray Capulso Pfueller posted:

"Innocent love at a young age. I don't understand how people could hate on that. Are you all jealous for not experimenting such a cute love gesture?"

FB user Jenny Helou also gave this advice:

"When [you're] young. Have fun growing up. Relationship is later when you are old and wiser kiddos. This is the time to study until college, then work and travel. Never ever rush to anything."

The video already got over 2 million views on Facebook.