Stunning transgenders Treechada Petcharat and Piyada Inthavong: A year later

It's been a year since we first posted about stunning women Treechada Petcharat (Poyd) from Thailand and Piyada Inthavong from Laos, Asia's prettiest transgenders.

What's the latest about them?

Born male as Saknarin Marnyaporn on October 5, Treechada is now 29 years old.

The Thai actress and model continues to grace beauty and fashion events and appear on television shows for interviews and guestings as well as TV commercials and advertisements.

She portrayed the role of a Thai casino boss in the 2015 3D Hong Kong-Chinese action comedy film "From Vegas to Macau II" starring Chow Yun-fat.

Meawnhile, Piyada or Lingling Inthavong is now 23. She was born on November 13, 1992.

According to a Wikipedia entry, the Lao transgender model is currently a contestant in Season 2 of "The Casting Project" Thailand.

Both of them are also very famous on social media.

Check out their latest photos:

Treechada Petcharat

More photos of PoydTreechada on Instagram

Piyada Inthavong

More photos of Piyada via Facebook