Maria Ozawa admits one-night stand with Cesar Montano

Former adult film star Maria Ozawa admitted that she had a one-night stand with her "Nilalang" leading man, actor-director Cesar Montano.

Scene from 'Nilalang'
The 30-year-old made the confession during an interview on "Good Times With Mo," a podcast hosted by controversial radio personality Mo Twister, ABS-CBN News reported.

At first, the Japanese actress tried to change the topic when asked if she had sex with Montano. But when pressed by DJ Mo she giggled and said it "just happened" once, before the shooting started.

Ozawa clarified that she has no intention of dating the actor and stressed that the one-night stand was a "saying hello sex."

However, when the news broke out and became a trending topic on social media, the actress backtracked and said she was only kidding.

"I saw the news earlier but it was a joke and was just having fun w/ the whole topic and broke my heart that they are saying such things...." she posted on Twitter.