Kwek Kwek Girl: Olongapo's pretty, hardworking street food vendor

It looks like the internet found Carrot Man's female counterpart in Kwek Kwek Girl, the pretty and hardworking street food vendor from Olongapo.

The latest online crush was selling deep-fried orange batter covered hard-boiled eggs to her customers somewhere in Columban when someone snapped a picture which was uploaded on Facebook.

Kwek Kwek Girl quickly captured the hearts of netizens and became famous not only because of her beauty but for being industrious as well, a trait many praised. Such overwhelming appreciation fueled her photo to go viral in minutes.

Curious ones dug dipper and found out about the new discovery's identity. Her name, according to our tipsters, is Precious Gem Naval Layug whose FB profile says she hails from Dinalupihan, Bataan.

Unfortunately, further digging would break boys' hearts as it appears that social media's latest apple of the eye is a single mother and already has a handsome boyfriend and adorable son.

Others surely won't mind though. What's more important is that Kwek Kwek Girl's story inspired people.