Kristine Hermosa Sotto endorses Duterte, to campaign for free

Actress turned full-time mom Kristine Hermosa Sotto has endorsed presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte and volunteered to campaign for the Davao City Mayor for free.

On her Instagram account, the celebrity who has one of the most beautiful faces on Philippine television said "it is about time for Filipinos to step up, be wiser and really have the heart for our country" after decades of being "ROBBED" from all the things we could think of.

"We need a leader who is not afraid to make a change," Kristine wrote in caps locked letters.

The actress said we need a leader who has integrity and the heart for the country, not false promises and just for show.

In her closing statement, Kristine Hermosa Sotto said she strongly chooses Duterte for president and wishes that God be with him and all Filipinos in this battle.

It has been assumed that her husband, Oyo Sotto, is also endorsing Duterte.