'Headless' bank security guard: Real story behind viral video

After getting bombarded with criticisms, the uploader revealed the real story behind the viral video showing a "headless" bank security guard.

Facebook user Ivan Mendoza posted the video on Wednesday, March 16.

In the caption, he claimed that he and his companions were on their way home when they saw a man sitting and fanning himself while guarding a bank.

Upon noticing that the security guard appeared to be headless, he took a video and zoomed it in. He was shocked.

As the video got people's attention so quickly, many expressed doubt thinking it was fake. Mendoza earned flak and his timeline was flooded with harsh comments.

Ten days later, he changed the caption to clarify that he does not believe in superstitions and did not wish for the security guard to die soon.

Mendoza claimed that he was able to talk to the security guard in person. He thinks that the guy's head could have been covered by the podium at the time he took the video.

Initially projected as creepy, the video already amassed nearly 1.3 million views as of 12 noon on Good Friday, March 25.

Posted by Ivan Mendoza on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

H/T: Pal Raine