BEWARE: Robbery group strikes inside bus on Good Friday

A robbery group did not spare the Holy Week from their activities as they struck inside a bus plying the Cubao-Boni Avenue route on Good Friday.

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One of their victims, a risk management analyst named Jom, narrated on Facebook his scary and dangerous experience in the bus on March 25.

Based on his story, the six robbers entered the passenger bus from Cubao, a commercial district in Quezon City where presidential candidate Mar Roxas is residing.

Along Boni Avenue, two members of the robbery group tapped Jom's back since he was wearing a headset. One of them told Jom to stand up as he tried to reach for the cellphone inside the target's pocket.

The brave victim hit the robber's hand hard, away from his pocket, and shouted "Ano ang gusto n'yo ha?!" [What do you want?!]

Jom said the robbers ran away and got off the bus very quickly. Thankfully, nothing was taken from him.

Some of his friends on Facebook said he was fortunate that the robbery group did not bring knives or guns.