WATCH: American endorses Duterte, offers 'food for thought' to Filipino voters

Terry Parks, an American who married a Filipina, has endorsed Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and offered some "food for thought" to Filipino voters.

In a video that went viral on Facebook, the US national from Huntington Beach, California said:

"Okay, this video is for the people of the Philippines.

It's time you took back your country. Stop being paid for your vote! Your vote's much more expensive than anybody could file up in pesos, so stop it.

The only vote you can really make to change your country is yours.

Most of the world already knows that you can't even safely mail a letter from one place to the next in the Philippines without somebody trying to steal it.

Most people know that in the Philippines when you go there to visit, you're taking your life in your own hands. Most of the time, you can't be safe. But people now know that you can be safe in Davao so you should think about that.

When the main ambition of most of the people in a country is to leave the country, that country has a very serious problem and it needs to be fixed and only the people there can fix it. This is your chance to fix it.

I for one, even though I'm not Filipino, I for one truly thank that the man from Davao, Mr. Duterte, is the one who can do it...if you give him the chance.

The people of Davao gave him a chance and look what happened there, so think about it before you vote."

The wife, Joyce, in a comment said Terry is very concerned for the country because he wants it to be a safe place to visit.

She also revealed that her husband got disappointed when the SD card he sent to a loved one in the Philippines did not reach its destination, especially that he apparently inserted some cash in the package.